ASB and Student Clubs

The best way to get connected and make your time at Cogswell College a great experience is to get involved. You choose the level, Student Life will make sure to provide an opportunity.

Student Clubs on campus sponsor events almost weekly. Whether it's an ASB meeting on Friday, a game of basketball with the Outdoor Activities Club on Wednesday, or Game Night each term, there is usually something to do with your fellow students.

But don't just sit back and wait for a club to entertain you - join! All clubs are open to any student interested in their goals and activities. Most meet weekly and are always looking for new members.

And if there isn't a club that interests you - start a new one! Student Life can help you get going with suggestions and applications. All you need is some friends who share your interest, a faculty or staff member who is willing to advise, and a short constitution.

Associated Student Body (ASB)

The Associated Student Body of Cogswell College is the general student membership organization. Its purpose is to give students the opportunity to plan and direct their own activities, to become involved with every aspect of college life, and to influence the decisions that affect the quality of education and student life at Cogswell College. All students in degree programs are members of the ASB.

The general student membership provides student feedback and opinions for the Associated Student Body Executive Board.

To learn more about ASB and upcoming student events, please visit the ASB website.

Game Development Club

Game Development Club is the largest club on campus where students work together to create games. Students from every major participate in the club from creating graphics to making music and sound effects for each game. Club participants compete in “Game-of-the-Month” challenges in which they do just that- create a game in a month! At the end of the month, participants see who came up with the best concept and best game-play experience. When you visit campus, make sure to check out their Game Development Club room.

Audio Production and Engineering Club

The Audio Production and Engineering Club emphasizes student involvement in the professional audio community. The club shares and critiques work, provides industry related field trips, guest speaker presentations, attends music events, and assists in internet radio broadcasting. The club is currently working on building their own gear to fill up the racks in the on-campus studio and is learning to understand and produce acoustical treatment. The club strives to ensure that audio students are well-rounded in every aspect of audio including the physical and digital realm.

CPC Radio

CPC Radio is a very active club on campus. These students are in charge of the CPC radio station and host concerts in the Dragon’s Den (you’ll have to visit the campus to see what this is all about!). You will often find these students talking about the newest microphones the club purchased, about the up-coming concerts, or about their favorite bands.

Friday Night Magic

A club for Magic the Gathering collectible card game enthusiasts! FNM meets on Friday nights to play the game and trade cards. They even host unofficial tournaments! If you love Magic the Gathering, you’re going to love hanging out, chatting, and playing with the FNM club.


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