What If…?

What if Creativity really is meant to be the central theme of education, social progress, global sustainability, innovation and human brain development? If so, what would we possibly risk losing if everywhere across the country, everyone participated in a weeklong scheme to engage their own creative ideas from how they will reuse their trash and natural resources, to how they might sanitize and decorate their town’s streets and buildings, or cultivate empty land, or implement devices for example, that would support electricity poles to withstand tornadoes and hurricanes, and even be impervious to the effects of flooding?

In the workplace employees can unleash ideas they’ve been harboring, such as how paper can be reconstituted over and over again without ever going to the recycle plant, or refurbish an office’s interior with greenery for a stress free working atmosphere, or how beneficial it might be to plant fruit trees on building tops to provide free treats for all in-house workers. What if an atmosphere of creativity actually contributed to more efficient workers and citizens?

What if all schools threw out the tyranny of a curriculum for a week? What if boards of education gave teachers the liberty of exercising creative control in the classroom for the subject they are responsible to teach their students – just for a week? What if students were allowed to help design lesson plans and each take a turn to be responsible for administering a lesson in their own creative ways? What if students who believed they were dispossessed of any creative elements were creatively stirred to at least try a new way of learning and studying?

Would the country fall into chaos and disorganization? Would students suddenly and dramatically fall behind and be academically damaged for life? If such an endeavor proved to be completely fruitless and useless, well we could just go back to doing things the way we’d always done them, and never again entertain the idea of letting creativity be so rampantly unleashed.

But what if this scheme churned out unimaginably brilliant ideas from all corners of the country, from folks in both low and high places, from the famous as much as from the infamous – would we be able to cope with that, or would it be too much of a leap for us?

Would we suddenly become frightened of our own creative potential, or would we realize how creative thinking really is the venue for advancing human progress, igniting innovation and solving problems? What if we just did everything completely different for a week – would that still count as a pursuit in creativity? What harm could really come from allowing creativity to flourish for a week?

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