Peter Diamandis, Founder of X Prize to Jump-Start Innovation

According to Peter Diamandis, X Prize Founder and Cogswell College Board of Director member, in this interview in Popular Mechanics, a true breakthrough requires taking extraordinary risk. The question is: Where in our society do we try crazy ideas? Large corporations and government research projects used to the source of innovation but over the last few decades they have lost the will to take these risks. This is where X Prize steps in and encourages intelligent risk-taking.

He says, “If you can’t measure something, you can’t improve it. And I believe that this next decade will have fundamental breakthroughs in the ubiquity and capability of sensors.” He sees breakthroughs in human health as well as improving the quality of our oceans and atmosphere and incredible potential in solar power.

Diamandis believes that technological advances have the ability to improve the standard of living for everyone on the planet.

What do you think have been the most impactful technologies of the past two decades?

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