Ideas that Form the Core of Arts Education

Cogswell students learning the fundamental techniques needed to create realistic characters for games and animations.

In a recent article for the Digital Art Guild, Edward P. Clapp, discusses the 1960’s era guiding principles of the art world and whether or not these ideas are still relevant today. At the end of the article he suggests that the future of the arts lies in what’s possible, not in what has been the status quo.

Mr. Clapp in his recently published anthology, “20 Under 40: Reinventing the Arts and Arts Education in the 21st Century,” challenges the core assumptions of the field by publishing twenty essays about the future of the arts and arts education from the perspective of young arts professionals under the age of forty. His goal: to find the most radical ideas about the future of the arts from the perspectives of the most innovative emerging arts professionals.

Do you agree with his assumptions?

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