Amazon Studios Launches its First Pilot Episodes

Leave it to Amazon to come up with something a little different. The company has developed 14 new pilots – 6 for kids and 8 for adults – and they want the public to vote on their favorites. Translation – what would you like to see become season-long shows. Currently they are available for live streaming on Amazon.

The crowdsourced Amazon Studios looks like it is trying to compete with web-based original content producers such as Netflix. Obviously not all of the pilots will make it and be turned into multiple episodes. Among the adult titles are: “Zombieland,”(Four survivors are killin’ zombies and searching for a home), “Betas,” (Four friends think they’ve cracked the code for Silicon Valley success), “Dark Minions” (Rules, reports, a Galactic Overlord … just another day at the office) and “Browsers” (Fresh-faced interns face the music, and sing along with it).

Let us know which ones would you vote for?

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