Problem Solving at the Heart of Entrepreneurship

Are you one of those people who has trouble getting up in the morning? Do you hit the snooze button a couple of times or turn off the alarm without getting up?

So did entrepreneur Dave Hawkins, inventor of the Wayki toothbrush and alarm clock.

Identifying a need and finding a way to fill that need is perhaps the single biggest factor in determining whether a business venture succeeds or fails. Creativity is not only essential in writing and art; it’s a way of thinking outside the box. Creative problem-solving is the cornerstone of the entrepreneurial spirit.

The Wayki alarm and toothbrush meets two needs: getting up on time and good oral hygiene in a creative way.

Like many people, Hawkins found that he had trouble getting up in the morning. He’d hit the snooze button multiple times or turned off the alarm, then would turn over and go back to sleep. He’d wake up and have to get out the door in a hurry and realized that oral hygiene was sacrificed.

Of course, Hawkins is not alone. So he set out to solve those problems with one product.

The alarm clock is kept in the bedroom, but the Wayki doesn’t have a snooze button, eliminating the habit of hitting the snooze for 10 extra minutes. In order to get you moving, the alarm shut off is in the bathroom and takes the form of a toothbrush. It is inserted into the Wayki base then a clock appears that is automatically set for two minutes.

A true multitasker, the Wayki in effect eliminates two problems by combining two common products in an interesting way. Although still in the development stages and seeking investment through crowd-sourcing, the Wayki is already generating some buzz in tech circles and media.

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