Global Game Jam 2013 Team Videos

In case you missed the event but want to find out what happened in 48 hours of intense game-making, here’s your chance. Check out the videos that recap each of the teams who worked their magic at Cogswell College during Global Game Jam 2013.

This international event of more than 16,000 jammers took place in 63 countries with 319 sites hosting teams. Worldwide more than 3,000 games were developed. Cogswell has been a host site since the first Global Game Jam in 2009 and is happy to continue providing a forum that helps push the boundaries of game development.

Our site’s teams had a lot of fun and are proud of what they accomplished in a short period of time.

Team “Allergy Alliance

Team “Heart Attack

Team “Knights of the Longtable

Team “Rocketblood

Team “Tinman

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