Cogswell Grads Worked on Some of Highest Grossing Films of 2012

This has been a great year for the movies and Cogswell College alumni worked on a number of the top 30 grossing films of 2012. We salute our animators, 3D modelers, Concept Artists and Programmers who are building great careers in an industry they love.

The Avengers, weighing in at #1, was touched by Gregory L. Smith as a Digital Modeler: Legacy Effects and Adam Lawson as an Animator.

If any of you saw Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, then you saw the handiwork of Carl Frytz as Postvis Artist and Adam Lawson as Animator.

Carl Bahor as a Resource Animator and Allen Stetson as a Production Engineer at DreamWorks had the pleasure of working on Madgascar 3: Europe.

Chad Stubblefield used his skills as a Visual Development Modeler at Disney on Wreck-It-Ralph.

Rhythm & Hues, one of the top special effects houses in the world, opened the door for a number of our alumni to work on two of 2012′s biggest hits. Joshua Cogswell, Technical Animation Lead; Jessica ‘Psy’ Delacy and Andrew Jennings both Technical Animators; Ben Taylor, Render i/o Coordinator; Jason Bettinger, Layout Artist and Adam Lawson, Animator provided some of the talent that made Snow White & The Huntsman so visually stunning.

And who can forget the Life of Pi? Alumni Chris Evart, Technical Animator; Ryan Rogers, Technical Animation Lead; Chris Sutherland, Compositor and Nic Spier, Digital Artist all had the opportunity to work on that breathtaking saga.

If we missed seeing a Cogswell alumni name in the film credits, we apologize. Let us know, so we can recognize your hard work as well.

Good work everyone! We look forward to seeing your talents grace the big screen again and again.


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