YOBONJA Invades PAX Prime 2012

Tobiah Marks at PAX Dev 2012

Cogswell College Alumni Tobiah Marks and Angelo Yazar Co-founders of the independent game development company, Yobonja, that brought us Blast Monkeys, will be exhibiting August 31 to September 2 at PAX Prime Seattle 2012 (booth #6415).  Also, on August 29th Tobiah will present a talk called “What Worked: Lessons Learned Running an Independent Game Company” at PAX Dev.

Yobonja’s  Blast Monkeys, a physics-based puzzle game with over 11 million cross platform downloads, was nominated for the “Best Mobile App for Consumers” at the 2012 Global Mobile Awards, and was the #1 Free Android Game during the summer of 2011.

Marks and Yazar, along with fellow business partner Yekta Yazar, will be supported by several fellow Cogswell alumni who will help run the Yobonja booth. There they plan to show off the many different versions of Blast Monkeys and conduct a PAX exclusive debut of Blast Monkeys related merchandise.

Yobonja started in early 2009 making Facebook apps, but shortly after switched focus to mobile apps as the new indie friendly mobile markets grew. The success of Blast Monkeys has defined Yobonja’s place in the exciting mobile indie space allowing them to turn their inherent passion for development into an indie game development business.

“I did not realize how much time and energy the business side of running a company takes,” said Marks. “When you’re so focused on game development, you forget to factor in time for massive amounts of emails, meeting with other companies and dealing with all the legal issues and paperwork.”

“Being a student at Cogswell taught me time management, staying in scope, all sorts of things that are so hard to learn from just reading a book and listening to lectures,” said Marks, “we learned to stay focused and just create the games we want to make.”

PAX Dev Panel Information:

Wednesday, August 29, 2012, 5:00PM – 6:00PM

What Worked: Lessons Learned Running an Independent Game Company” by Tobiah Marks.

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