Genre Electronica Preview 2

Genre Electronica Preview 2
Hey everyone!

One of the Genre Electronica guys popped by my office yesterday and gave me another preview track for you to check out! He told me everyone is working hard to get this album ready for you! I personally can’t wait! I love good music and have a real hard time sitting and doing work if I don’t have something playing in my ear. On top of loving good music, if I know the artist, it makes it that much better for me! I hope once this album is released you will all support the talented artists and purchase the album. On a side note, I have some inside information for you, if you end up buying the physical copy of the album, I know the guy who is doing the album art and I know that its going to look awesome! So, if you are like me and enjoy displaying your albums, this will definitely be a great addition to your shelf.

Ok, I have rambled long enough, onto the next preview, this one is called Bad Advice by Jase Fase.

The first preview was called Switch Up and it was by Francesco Grieco.

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