Dare of the Week: 010

Self Portrait

Hello once again readers!

So we took a little break from the Dare of the Week because everyone has been so busy. After a nice little rest I think we are probably all ready to get back at it again. I am going to ease us back in with a simple dare. This time around we are going to do a photography challenge! This one should be accessible by everyone, if you don’t have a camera, chances are you have a phone and that phone probably has a camera on it. So enough talking you into it, let’s find out what the challenge is…

Dare of the Week: 010
Do a fun or interesting self-portrait!

My only requirement for this dare is that it needs to be well composed! So put a little thought into it, maybe even take it into Photoshop and check all the levels? Who knows, it could come out better than you thought it would (below is an example of mine).

Dare of the Week: 010

And remember, once you are finished, post those final images here:


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