Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game: The Movie
Every once in a while I see a film out there that is not only beautifully executed but emotionally impacting as well. I recently came across a film that I thinks hits those two points on a very high level.

Indie Game: The Movie, is a documentary that takes you through the trials and emotions of a few indie game designers. What makes this film so significant to the students here at Cogswell is this is something that nearly each and every one of them can empathize with. Cogswells students are getting trained and taught the skills they need to get a job in the industry but not every one of them want to just go work for an already established studio. Many of these students have something that we all have and that are quite honestly, hard to ignore: Dreams.

I talk to Cogswell students everyday here at work, and sometimes even when I am away from work since most of them are close friends of mine. These kids and adults have dreams to not only create games for others but to also create their own gaming studios. We live in an age of entrepreneurship and the students see the opportunity to jump in and fight for everything they have been dreaming of.

It goes without saying though, that none of this is an easy path to follow. Just because you are chasing your dreams does not mean it’s easier than just getting a job, it doesn’t mean it will be smooth sailing the whole way and it is definitely not guaranteed that it will pay off. Putting your career and professional name on the line can be a scary thing and takes guts. Which is exactly why I think anyone who is on that kind of a journey should try their hardest to see this film.

Go on over to the website and check out the details and if its going to be screened in your city. It’s important to support people like this, without them, we wouldn’t have some the our most memorable games. I think its well worth your time. ;)

Here is the link to the Official site – Indie Game: The Movie.

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