Dare of the Week: 009

Day After Tomorrow scene

Hello again Audience!

It’s time again for this weeks dare! I know this one is a little earlier than most but I couldn’t wait! I found this great little challenge on another site and I had to share it. This is another one where I supply you with a file and then you have some fun with it! So what is it this time…?

Dare of the Week: 009
Do a fun “Day After Tomorrow” scene with the file provided.

This is what the file looks like when you will get it. The checkered areas and blank so you can put anything you want in there, or anything you want inside the room for that matter! Have fun, be creative, go wild!

Source File Here: www.cogswell.edu/picts/DayAfterTomorrow.psd

Photoshop Challenge

And remember, once you are finished, post those final images here:


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