Quote of the Week///001

Quote by Cynthia

Hello everyone! New little feature here on the blog! I am going to be throwing up a quote every week that I think is internet worthy (like that is difficult)…………

ANYWAY!!! I truly believe that this first post should go out to a wonderful new addition to the Cogswell family: Cynthia, our new receptionist. Cynthia is in the front lobby every morning when I get into work welcoming me with a big, bright smile as she does with everyone who walks through our doors. There are very few things you can say to a person in the morning that will start their day off right and Cynthia always nails it.

“Hello and Good Morning (insert name).”

It is nice to see a smile in the morning and it is very contagious. Thank you Cynthia for warming up our lobby, we all appreciate it.


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