Do You Know This Girl?

Rachael Reisdorf

Hey ya’ll!

Do you know the girl in the picture posted above? If you don’t, you really should get to know her!

This is Rachael Reisdorf! This girl is one of the craziest chicks on campus (in a good way). She is around for almost every student event helping out in pretty much any way she can. She is an alum of Cogswell (Game Design program) as well as being an employee here now. She does an insane plethora of work that ranges from design to student life. Seriously, if you go to Cogswell and you don’t know this girl, you need to stop in to her office next to the student lounge and chat with her for a bit. She is super accommodating, easy to talk to, helpful and is always down for a good laugh. Oh! And today is her 9 Year Anniversary of her stay here at the majestic Cogswell College! She also loves World of Warcraft….. so there’s that too…… (I heard she is with the Horde though, yikes).

Keep up being you Rach!


P.S. Her husband (also an alum) works for Sledgehammer Games!!!

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