Game Club Submits New Game to IGF

Clark & Dagger - Cogswell Game Dev Club

After more than 3 months of development, the Cogswell Game Club has finished another project.

The game is called Clark & Dagger and is about a Spy (Dagger) and a Hacker (Clark). The point of the game is to use each of character’s unique abilities to advance through the levels. The game is geared toward a multiplayer experience, so players will only be able to succeed if they work together.

The club submitted their game to the Independent Games Festival Student Competition to try and earn one of the eight places in the IGF Student Showcase. The eight finalists get to bask in the spotlight at the upcoming Game Developer Conference and thousands of people get to play their game.

The last time a game from the Cogswell Game Club was accepted into the Showcase was in 2003 for a game titled, “The Gates of Temlaha.” The word around campus is that they were accepted that year because of their amazing feat of creating their own 3D engine.

Team Cogswell will be going up against some schools that are featured in the showcase every year but Project Coordinator and Lead Developer, Brody Brooks, is confident their game stands a good chance in the competition this year. Brody proposed the project initially around the time he was starting an internship at NASA and didn’t think he would have time to work on it. The other group members kept coming to him and asking for help and advice and soon Brody became Project Coordinator despite his schedule.

Brody also told us that the genesis of the project was very organic and sort of happened by osmosis. Slowly students around school become interested in the project. Luckily every person who joined was very talented and committed and even though the majority of the team was part-time, they each brought their own perspective and ideas to the project.

Future plans for Clark & Dagger are to round up a bunch of the group members and hold a Level Jam weekend. (Level Jam – when a group of people get together and just try to design a bunch of levels for a game.) After the Level Jam, the group plans to move on to the next project and let “Clark ‘n Dagger”  fade into history – or become the next big seller.

As for Brody, he is starting his own company. He plans to make games for PC and Console systems with all games being downloadable. Brody says that he is aiming for the Indy game market and his demographic is the college crowd.

The guys at Cogswell’s Game Club are always looking for feedback, so download( their game and see what you think.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. Talk to you again soon.


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