Worlds Apart Set to Screen at the Ojai Film Festival

Cogswell College is pleased to announce that Worlds Apart, an animated, short film produced under the umbrella of the Project X class, is an Official Selection of the 12th Annual Ojai Film Festival. The festival takes place from October 20 to 23, 2011.
The Ojai Film Festival is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the art of the motion picture through the presentation of an annual multi day festival in which films and videos submitted by filmmakers throughout the world are publicly exhibited at several venues in and around the city of Ojai, California.

The Ojai Film Festival, like the new millennium, was launched in 2000 with two goals in mind: To provide audiences with opportunities to see groundbreaking work that would otherwise be inaccessible and to provide filmmakers with an enthusiastic audience including film industry professionals.

For the past sixteen years, the Ojai Valley has been home to the Ojai Film Society, a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to enhancing the cultural life of Ventura County through a variety of motion picture-related events presented throughout the year. The Film Society’s primary activity is an annual series of 36 distinguished films shown at The Ojai Playhouse Movie Theater on Sunday afternoons.

The Offering, the first film produced by Project X, was an Official Selection of the Ojai Festival in 2010.

Project X is a one-of-a-kind, project-based class at Cogswell College that is run like a professional animation production studio using teams of skilled artists and sound designers. Students worked tirelessly for three semesters to produce a studio-quality short film. During production they are supported by a massive collaborative effort from faculty, staff, visiting artists, industry professionals and alumni.

“The hours are grueling, aesthetics standards are very demanding and we treat the artists like professionals and not students,” said Michael Huber, Director of the Project X course. “This total immersion creates an environment conducive to quality, camaraderie and the highest production value. We believe it’s the best way to learn.”

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