Finals @ Cogswell Rears Its Ugly Head!

It’s that time again folks! Even in the summer where there are concerts to attend and ice cream to be devoured we here at Cogswell are busy with summer classes and projects. What does that bring you ask? Well as previous posts have informed we are given the glorious gifts of students couch surfing, sleepless nights, coffee consumption on a ridiculous level and a slight disregard for healthy food choices (I say slight since some of us don’t eat at all!). These are just the extreme level of setbacks students experience here at Cogswell. Some students, including myself, are having a fine time keeping up with finals and just getting the work done in a manageable time. Sure it’s a little daunting to create a 10 page story for  creative writing and have it show improvement from the beginning of the semester but a little (Insert Favorite Music Here) and a big ol’ mug of (Insert Favorite Drink Here) can keep any person chugging! That being said i’ll leave you guys with a goodbye from the summer semester of 2011 and an early welcome into the 2011 fall semester! Enjoy your last few days of torture classes!

Forever Young Working,


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