Cogswell Reaches Out!: Designers Wanted

Hey Cogswell current and Alumni!

It’s high time we get back to the way these blogs were handled before my time: Consistently. In doing so, I’d like to let our Cogswell family know that Albert Chen, our current assistant professor that heads the Game Development Degree Program, has a job offer for you all! Here is a message from him that details the specifics of the job position:

“Looking for any and all Cogswell students/alumni who would like to work with 5 CUC students from Beijing, China (all programmers) who are coming for three intensive weeks to work with me on some games using Unity.  They will be on campus starting July 25th.  Email me directly if interested.  We’re looking for anyone who can commit to at least a couple of hours of work per week.  Experience with Unity a plus but not mandatory.”-Albert C.

I would advise any and all students who fit the criteria for this position and are currently looking for work to take this opportunity. Not only is it good industry experience, but you get to work with people overseas which is a grand experience all in its own! Don’t worry if you don’t fit this position exactly though. There is always a chance that a job offer comes up on the Cogswell Blog that fits your exact qualifications so be sure to check back!

-Davain M.

You can contact Albert Chen about the job offer at

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