Working on the music of Worlds Apart

This past term, I had the honor of working with composers Jeremiah Dias (pictured left) and Cameron McLaughlin (pictured right) on the music of the newest Cogswell Project X film, Worlds Apart. The film is currently rounding film festivals, so unfortunately I cannot share any samples of my work at this time (a trailer exists, but uses its own music rather than the music from the film). Nevertheless, I will talk about my experience with this project, as well as explain my role in it.

While the film has been in the works for roughly 18 months, I only got involved within the last few months. I had started Cogswell just a month prior to being selected to work on Project X. To my credit, I am an older student, and already earned an A.S. degree from another college. Jeremiah and Cameron had already finished the score in Propellerhead Reason, and my job was to upgrade the quality of the instruments (particularly the brass) by taking it over into Native Instruments Kontakt via Logic Pro.

Working with the composers and their project allowed me to learn a lot, and Dr. Duncan (head of Digital Audio Technology) also contributed a good deal of insight as well. I learned the importance of well-tuned reverb and impulse responses. I learned all of the parts it takes to create a fully symphonic score. But most of all, I learned the ins-and-outs of the new software I was dealing with, and through this, was able to help the composers.

I worked closely with Jeremiah and Cameron to improve the timbre of the instruments while keeping the composition true to their vision. There was a lot of work to be done in a small period of time, and it even ate up most of our Spring Break. Nevertheless, we pulled it off, and with style. Multiple audio professionals have commented about how the finished score sounds just like a real orchestra, so I know everything we did was a success.

Jeremiah and Cameron are talented composers, and have been a pleasure to work with, as well as hang out with as friends. I also had a good time with the other audio guys, such as mix master Evan Peebles and Foley artist John Grube. If I have a chance to work on the music for the next Project X film, I will certainly jump at it. This was a great experience!

-Kaleb G. (pictured center)

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