Lessons from the Edge featuring Doug Mellinger

Entrepreneurship Webinar Series part 1

Cogswell is excited to present our newest webinar series all about entrepreneurship. In this first webinar, we will be featuring advice and a chance to ask questions with Doug Mellinger. Doug began his entrepreneurial career at age 13 when he started a lawn mowing service. A few years later he purchased a broken soda machine, fixed it, installed it at a local swimming club and found himself in the concessions business.

A lot has happened since mowing lawns and selling pop back when he was growing up. Now a successful entrepreneur, Doug has crafted his own definition of what he thinks makes an entrepreneur tick. An entrepreneur is someone who will do anything they have to do to keep from getting a real job. When he spoke at our last keynote, Doug gave some sound advice for the next generation of entrepreneurs, one that stood out and caught everyone’s attention was that it took 4 or 5 companies failing until he created the one that succeeded.

This webinar will offer more advice for up-and-coming entrepreneurs who might have an idea for a company, or even for those who have interests in learning more about the business world. Let’s be honest, it helps to have people looking out for you, that’s why we are gathering a squad of established entrepreneurs to speak in our very own 4 part series. The topics will cover developing ideas, finding sources of capital, building a customer base, and the 1 thing you need to start a company. Be sure to check it out and tune in on April 27th. It will start at 6pm and end around 8, there will be a chance to ask questions at the end during a Q&A session.

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