Innovation Spotlight: Hacker Dojo

Here in the Valley of Innovation, we have become accustomed to collaboration. We hear that the biggest behemoths in an industry have partnered for a revolutionary project and we shrug. It was bound to happen, right? We forget that people are collaborating on such a scale that is often missed by the headlines, yet creative companies are being formed as a result of it. That’s why this week’s Innovation Spotlight is featuring Hacker Dojo.

Hacker Dojo started with the dream that people with a passion for anything can meet at their own Ithaca of innovation. The creates behind this space were members of the Super Happy Dev House, but coders, designers, students, and professionals all find a spot to work in the facility. Since its inception, the Hacker Dojo has become a hangout for people who want to keep up with the latest methodologies and technologies and thrive as entrepreneurs. I ran into a problem before while working on a mobile project, and was able to have my problem solved by someone sitting behind me. What’s even better is that they really wanted to help, even someone years younger and still in a college entrepreneurship program. These are the type of creative people that after finishing an idea, they’ve thought of five more.

Events fill almost every night with topics ranging from robotics and emerging technologies to business management and funding seminars. Partnerships are formed by connections made at these conferences and other events sponsored by the Dojo.

The reasonable price is easily justified with the events and resources made available to their members (an added perk is the 24-hour access). The Hacker Dojo is more than an incubator, it’s a destination spot for innovative & technical minds to come together to disrupt industries.  Positive disruption, of course, that is meant to shake the industries and create new directions.

As a student, the opportunity to network and thrive among other creative minds is incredibly inspiring.  The entrepreneurial spirit is alive, and meeting other professional and student entrepreneurs and innovators provides a strong base for whatever endeavors come my way during or after my experience as a student at Cogswell College.

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