“Oh don’t worry. I can put that off till tonight!”

This isn't even half of the work on my table just to the right...

The one leading killer of time for college students today is the deadly disease “Procrastinitis” that has a victim number that reaches millions. It’s a very evil virus that affects its victim by subjugating their time from doing a task that is very important to their future and putting it off until the very last minute amount of time it would take to complete said task. For years, doctors have tried to find a cure for this disease by means of medical sciences, therapy, and even introducing subjects to environments where the virus is at its weakest, but all attempts have failed. I’m reporting this news to you all today because I am a fighter of “Procrastinitis” and have been ever since I started junior high school.  This horrible disease has been the downfall of many of my school projects and even some events that I planned out weeks in advance, which is why I want to inform everyone I can about how it is affecting people like us everyda- OK I’m going to stop now!

Come on guys, take a joke. All silliness aside, there really is a problem some of us college students have with procrastination. Being a student at a digital arts college that demands my full attention to every single detail of my projects does not make the reality of having procrastination issues any easier. Every day I have a project that needs to be done whether it would be mine or someone else’s and if it doesn’t get done on time, all hell breaks loose… or at least I get scolded by my professors. Don’t get me wrong, I love to do all these projects and give my best on each one…but sometimes my video games call out to me under that thick layer of dust that has accumulated over them in the last 3 months. There is just a part of me that loves to both work on all of my art projects and enjoy other people’s art projects…but never enough time to do both and keep a routine sleep schedule. How does one fight this?

Honestly, it’s all depending on the person and how much they can control their desires and needs. It tears a hole in my chest every time I choose to work on homework for a design class that was due 2 days ago when there’s a new update to one of my games that has been on my calendar for 5 weeks, but I know that if I don’t get it done I’ll be in some deep trouble and my grade will drop. So I just tell myself I’ll grind through the work late at night and spend the morning playing the game which ends me up with 2 hours of accumulative sleep for the day and the droopier eyes than an old beagle…and those eyes can droop for days! Really it’s just best for people, whether they be in college, high school, or even at a job to just assess what they really can get done and be happy with their work. I mean even though I was very tired that morning, I was happy and was pleased with my work. Although I can tell every single person who passed me in the halls did a double take when they made eye contact. Word of advice for anyone who plans to use my previous experience as an example: expect people to give you the weirdest looks when you pass them in the halls. But it’s not all bad since you’ll be so spaced out you won’t even notice. Cheers everyone!

-Davain M.

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