CPCRadio’s electronic show: a night of energy and fun

Who doesn’t like to have a good time out with friends? I know Cogswell students find every excuse to have fun times with their friends since it’s not just about the fun, it’s about feeling the bonds that are there between everyone. We saw that and more during the CPC Radio Electronic Show that was held last Saturday night. There were all kinds that attended the shindig: Cogswell students, Cogswell Alumni, the show was even open to the public for a small price of only two dollars! What a small price to pay for such an amazing venue for both Dj’s outside and inside of Cogswell’s halls. The show started off great with our on campus Dj Anthony Wilkins (A.K.A. A-Dub) who is also a part of our schools DAT Program,  spinning some great electronic and vocal trance tracks which got everyone off their feet almost immediately. As the show went on, our Dragons Den auditorium got more filled and pulsating with energy that we had people moving in and out just to get air, but went right back in as soon as they were ready and able. We even had photographers there who took many pictures of then nights events (One of which you see above this post). It carried on into the morning where after hours of dancing, the fun finally stopped and people were sent home with fond memories of CPC Radio’s hard work and some minor ankle pain from jumping around the floor. It was an amazing night that brought CPC Radio much pride in its hard work to organize the show which brought them a return from prices that will give them the tools they need to create better shows each time. From what rumors are going around, the next show is scheduled to be on May 6th (but don’t quote me since it’s just a rumor!) so keep a frequent eye on my blog updates.  Stay funky everyone!

-Davain M.

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