General Education: necessary, mandatory, and quite interesting

When new students arrive at Cogswell they want to do everything or they are going back and forth between two different degrees and wonder all the while which one they are more interested in.  In all the excitement of learning to create creatures and movies and games, some forget to get their general education done, and in their senior year they get slammed by it all and have to take more general education class then they would like.  But it doesn’t have to be that way nor are the general courses here at all boring if you do it right.  The general ed. course here provide a lot interesting information and not one of the ones that I have had were just strait lecture, quite the opposite really.  Artists don’t really have great attention spans, especially when something is not engaging like say Economics for example.  To me that would have been a boring class that was a necessity to take if I want to graduate, turns out though it really isn’t as boring as I thought with a very engaging teacher, and for that class it’s our very own president of the school Chet Haskell who likes to bring in current events and not read from a text book that is outdated by  half a century.  Every class that I have with him so far this semester has not been boring at all and everyone puts in their own thoughts on the matter of what is going on in the world and what should be done.  It is not a straight lecture class and like I said no general ed. class I have had hear has been straight lecture, none of the teachers want to just stand up at some podium and talk for three hours straight about stuff that they know we has students don’t care or understand why we are there for. 

The bottom line as to why we must attend general ed. courses like economics English math sciences, and other types of general ed. classe is that when we finally go out into the fields that we have been after ever sense we were kids, we will know a lot more then just how to compose music or draw or design levels and models.  We will know how to do all of that and more, we will know how to communicate our ideas in a professionaland coherent matter that others will understand.  That’s the best thing about graduating from here, we get to know knowledge that not many others will and we can relate our own “nerdiness” to class where we can all get it.  I personally have had many general education class over the years in school especially ata community college but unlike a community college, Cogswell doesn’t pander to you or talk your head off about facts, teachers encourage us to speak and to be opened about what we feel about any topic, no censoring so long as our argument is sound and we aren’t just saying what we feel like cause we can. 

It all matters we have to know how a human looks like and their anatomy, must know coding and proper naming in said code, we must know the difference between what good music is and bad and how to make it good, and we must know what a player likes that is fun. On top of all that we must know how to communicate research reference and how to do it well.  That’s why general education is necessary and here at Cogswell quite interesting.

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