Radio returns to CPC!


Much to my delight, the CPC Radio Club is being ravamped!  Be prepared for some student shows coming to you via online streaming, and keep a heads up for a concert even that’s in the works.  It’s going to be EPIC and beyond your wildest dreams!  I remember the early days of CPC Radio when me and a handful of others were building it from scratch and learning all the tricks of the trade, in addition to some of the trials and tribulations… but we ironed out everything and really sunk our teeth into the lands of internet radio and self-produced concerts.

Also, there’s a pretty snazzy article in the current issue of Animation Magazine that tells the tale of Project X’s last film, “The Offering.”  I personally didn’t work on it, but a ton of my friends did, so I have to represent. :) Go read it, see the trailer, and get stoked!

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