October Open House At Cogswell College

Cogswell Dragon Mural

We recently had an open house at Cogswell.  The usual suspects, i.e. admissions, met up in the morning joined by some new faces that were equally tired, yet still smiling for being around 9:00am on a Saturday.  I doled out the “welcome” cookies and coffee, making small talk with parents, all the while contributing to the growing problem of diabetes and obesity in America.  I wonder if anyone ever considered offering fresh fruit, maybe some croissants, or even granola… regardless, it appears that everything went smoothly.

I met some kids who were really excited about becoming members of the Cogswell community.  Their excitement helped me get excited for the potential new class coming into Cogswell this January.  Still, their passion came through and it reminded me of the group of kids I started with.  Now that I think about it, nearly all of these open houses stir up some sort of nostalgia for this senior.

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