Cogswell Audio Faculty Speak at AES Conference

LarrytheOCogswell’s newest Digital Audio Technology faculty, Larry the O, is slated to speak at the upcoming Audio Engineering Society Conference in San Francisco in November. He will join Peter Drescher in a spirited “cage match” discussion about sound, music, interactive audio, game soundtracks, hardware, software and audio production.

The two met at Berklee College of Music in 1976 and have been arguing both sides of any audio issue ever since. Moderator, Steve Horowitz who will referee the match, will ask a series of questions and give the pair a specific amount of time to discuss it before the gong sounds.

Topics might include:

  • How many audio file formats do you really need?
  • Giving the producer what they want, even when they have no idea what that is
  • Just exactly what IS “audio quality”?
  • Analog vs. Digital, Tubes vs. Transistors, Tape vs. Hard drive, Vinyl vs. CD – Improved technology has made audio production better, right?
  • You say that sounds “annoying” like it’s a bad thing!
  • “I promise never to program a computer to play something I can’t” (aaaand … fight!)
  • Buying gear and maintaining your studio: hardware, software, musical instruments vs. planned obsolescence and audio business models
  • “We need it yesterday” – planning and timing of audio projects (Larry’s fireside rant)

Larry the O, Toys In the Attic principal, joined the Cogswell faculty this semester and will be teaching Studio Recording 1, a required course in the Digital Audio Production track of the DAT program.

-Bonnie Phelps, Dean of Institutional Advancement

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