Cogswell had a Successful Siggraph Show!

siggraph1This past week, Cogswell Polytechnical College showcased its talented students and exceptional programs at the annual SIGGRAPH  conference in Los Angeles.  With our expanded booth space, Cogswell was able to hold tech demos to show some behind-the-scenes on Project X’s short animated film, The Offering

Several times on Tuesday and Wednesday, Michael Huber (Cogswell animation faculty member and director of the film) and Dave Perry (Cogswell animation faculty member and animation director of the film), shared the process of creating this award-winning, high-quality short.  Topics included the pipeline, rendering, concept design, animation and much more.  Cogswell alumni and technical director Josh Cogswell also gave presentations on the complications of rigging a 6-armed goddess.  The demos were extremely popular and audiences were wowed by the level of work that our students are capable of producing.  Cogswell also promoted it’s new bachelor and master degree program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and received a very excited response.

Thank you to all the Cogswell alumni, current students, potential students and companies who stopped by our booth!

We look forward to next year in Vancouver where visitors will have the chance to see the latest film coming out of the Project X class and learn more about Cogswell’s cutting-edge, project-based learning experience.



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