Who knew General Education could be so fun? At Cogswell it is!

Message from the Director of General Education

Typically, prospective students applying to Cogswell College are attracted by the programs we offer in the digital arts, music technology and engineering fields. What they may not know is that we also offer a program of General Education courses – one third of everyone’s curriculum – designed specifically to appeal to and complement their artistic and technical interests.

We live in a global society where fast paced change is the norm. At Cogswell we recognize that our graduates must be ready not only to take their places in the international marketplace but also to change as it changes, and even to anticipate and lead the change. You may wonder how we can prepare students for such a dynamic future. Our answer is: by creating a unique partnership between our degree programs and the General Education program. The art and technical programs prepare our students for jobs in the industries we serve while General Education – a carefully crafted course of study in the humanities, social sciences, English, math, and science – gives students a broad base of knowledge and skills they will draw upon all their lives. This knowledge and these skills are critical in today’s world and are much in demand by employers.

Our dedicated and experienced faculty create GE courses that are innovative and fun as well as academically rigorous. In recent years students have fulfilled English requirements in courses such as The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, and Battlestar Galactica. They have studied the history of art and of music and have taken film history classes such as Focus on Horror, Science Fiction Cinema, and Novel into Film. Our scriptwriting and storytelling classes are indispensable for students in the animation, videogame and audio technology programs and our courses in modern world history, global political economics, and contemporary ethical issues introduce them to ideas they will need to navigate the world. Courses in math, physics and anatomy round out the whole.

In each of these courses we emphasize written and oral communication, observation and analysis, critical thinking, familiarity with the basic principles of math and science, competence in the use of information technology, awareness of world issues and their historic origins, and tolerance of diversity in its many forms. By the time our students graduate they can write correctly, argue a case persuasively, discuss world affairs intelligently, and make ethical decisions carefully, integrating their professional and personal lives in preparation for a lifetime of new learning.

Those who hire Cogswell graduates confirm that these qualities make our students particularly desirable employees. Our alumni reaffirm the importance of General Education to their lives.

If you have any questions about the General Education Program please feel free to contact me directly.

Dr. Kathleen Broome Williams,
Professor, Director of General Education

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