Cogswell Celebrates Commencement With a Look Back

1915As Cogswell looks forward to its Commencement Ceremony on May 15, 2010, we take a look back at Cogswell’s long history of graduating exceptional students. The following article appeared in the June 13, 1915 edition of the San Francisco Examiner. At the time Cogswell was a co-educational high school.

“Graduation exercises at the Cogswell Polytechnical College occurred on Thursday, June 3. The address of the occasion was delivered by Rev. Chas. F. Bazata, who spoke on the theme of development of character and preparation for service to the community.

Through the generosity of the late Robert Ewing, a former member of the Board of Trustees of the school, gold medals, three in number, were awarded under a provision of the bequest of Mr. Ewing. These are to be known as the Robert Ewing Medals, and are to be awarded annually.

The medal awards are to be decided on a basis of improvement during the course, rather than upon superior ability. One is to be competed for by both girls and boys in the general course, one is to be competed for by girls in the domestic science training branches, and one is to be competed for by boys in the mechanic arts’ line.

The medals were awarded by Mr. Jas. W. Kerr, a member of the Board of Trustees. Medals were received by: Gladys Edith Schulte, General Course; Olga Matilda Johnson, Girl’s Technology; William Henry Lunsmann, Boys’ Technology.

Diplomas were granted to the following students by Mr. R.V. Lucy, Chairman of the Board of Trustees: Henry J. Bachtold, Raymond F.N. Bachnemann, Ernest R. Bridgett, Henry Chicourrat, Hildegard E. Enders, Roderick C. Fischer, Henry J. Gerdan, Agnes C. Hansen, Charles S.G. Hiden, A. Harold Hooke, Elmer S. Jackson, Ivah Jacobsen, Olga M. Johnson, Frieda E. Loewe, Sik Chew Lui, William H. Lunsmann, William C. Morris, Urwin Merriman, Rebecca Orwitz, Thelma C. Raspadore, Gladys Richardson, Sidney Samuels, Gladys E. Schulte, Willard Thompson, Minna H. Toloski, Frank A. Trachsler, Frances L. Wagner, Adeline A. Wirtz, Sophia B. Trost.

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