The Digital Art & Animation Degree – Spotlight on Animation

MacGuffinDemand for computer artists in communications and entertainment industries continues to grow. Career opportunities in content creation are exploding in entertainment production, animation, modeling, interactive application design, user interface design, product design, game development, audio and video editing, web design, industrial visualization, and a myriad of other visual communications areas.

Cogswell Polytechnical College offers WASC accredited bachelor degrees that prepare students for the fast paced, creative technologies industries.

At Cogswell, the Digital Arts Department coursework spans many multi-disciplinary activities. It includes traditional drawing, illustration, sculpture, graphic design, 3D modeling, animation, video, sound design, story development, storyboarding, storytelling, and media integration. The programs offer technical and applied courses utilized by companies embracing integrated media and are structured to allow students to refine their work and skills in a focused area of interest. Digital Arts and Animation project classes provide many opportunities for collaborations with other programs at Cogswell, including Digital Audio Technology and Digital Arts Engineering. The Portfolio classes provide a format for bringing together all of the elements of the concept to delivery pipeline as students collaborate on multidisciplinary teams to complete real world projects.

3D Animation

The animation program encompasses character, non-character and experimental animation. Character animation fuses acting, performance and the principles of movement to create believable, genuine, emotive characters. Character design, story structure and strong animation fundamentals are used by students to create a short, animated film project in their senior year. Fundamentals and the development of the “craft” of animation are stressed. Students may produce animations fusing both traditional and computer techniques. Non-character animation focuses on visual effects, abstract animation or the motion of inanimate objects. Students are encouraged to combine media to produce original, creative work and content.

Digital Arts and Animation Curriculum – 123 Credits

  • Digital Arts & Animation Core – 42 credits
    • DAA100 2D Design 3
    • DAA105 Color Theory 3
    • DAA106 Digital Imaging Concepts 3
    • DAA107 Creativity & Content Development 3
    • DAA108 Intro to Photography 3
    • DAA109 Web Design
      DAA264 Drawing Animation 3
    • DAA110 Sketching 3
    • DAA115 Figure Drawing 3
    • DAA212 Perspective and Rendering 3
    • DAA230 Intro to Sculpture 3
    • DAA240 Intro to 3D Modeling 3
    • DAA310 Storyboarding 3
    • DAT110 Desktop Production Fundamentals 3
    • DMP230 Video Editing 3
  • General Education – 45 Credits
    • English – 9 credits
      • ENG100 Composition 3
      • ENG228 Creative Writing
        ENG227 Scriptwriting 3
      • ENG310 Classics of Western Drama
        ENG320 Classics of World Drama 3
    • Humanities – 18 credits
      • HUM120 Nature and History of Western Art
        HUM130 Modern Art History 3
      • HUM122 World Music
        HUM125 Music in Western Culture 3
      • HUM200 History of the Modern World 3
      • HUM227 Film History
        HUM230 History of Animation 3
      • HUM361 Contemporary Ethical Issues 3
      • HUM400 General Education Capstone Research 3
    • Social Science – 6 credits
      • SSC200 U.S. Government 3
      • SSC332 Global Political Economics 3
    • Math – 6 credits minimum
      • MAT115 Basic Topics in Mathematics 3
      • Math Course higher than MATH115
        Scripting or Programming (4credits) 3
    • Science for DAA – 6 credits
      • SCI100 Basic Concepts of Physics 3
      • SCI130 Basic Concepts of Anatomy& Physiology
        SCI200 General Science: Principles & Trends 3
  • DAA Concentration Courses – 36 credits
    • 3D Animation
      • DMP200 Acting 3
      • DAA265 2D Animation 3
      • DAA267 Character Rigging 3
      • DAA244 Intro to 3D Animation Principals 3
      • DAA364 Drawing Animation 3
      • DAA460 2D Animation 3
      • DAA360 3D Animation I 3
      • DAA365 3D Animation II 3
      • DAA465 3D Animation III or Project Course 3
      • DAA Upper Division Elective 3
      • DAA480A Portfolio I or Project Course 3
      • DAA485A Portfolio II or Project Course 3

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