Cogswell’s Short Animation “The Offering” Screened During a Masterclass in Beijing

Cogswell grad Robert Moore (left) with his translator in China.

Cogswell grad Robert Moore (left) with his translator in China.

On October 26 a delegation from Cogswell Polytechnical College traveled to the Communication University of China (CUC) in Beijing – one of Cogswell’s partner universities – to provide an exclusive showing of The Offering, a short animated film produced by students in the College’s Digital Arts and Animation program Project X class. The screening was part of a Masterclass Michael Huber, Assistant Professor and Director of the 3D Animation program, was invited to teach during CUC’s annual Aniwow Festival.

The Festival’s goal is to provide a platform for animation practitioners and researchers from all over the world to advance the dialog and cooperation between academic research and industry and to provide students more opportunities to learn from established artists.

The Masterclass entitled, The Production of Project X, focused on the process Cogswell used to complete the film by modeling a professional studio setting. Students who worked on The Offering were held to the same standards as those working on films in companies around the world.

Dr. Chester Haskell, President and Robert Moore, 2009 graduate of Cogswell and Lead Animator on the project, also represented Cogswell during the visit. Mr. Moore participated in the Masterclass and Dr. Haskell joined in discussions about trends and the global nature of the industry. Check out the upcoming December issue of the Alumni News for an interview with the Cogswell group about their experiences, insights and the contacts they made.

-Bonnie Phelps, Dean of Institutional Advancement

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