Cogswell Faculty Spotlight – Dr. Younes Mourchid, Fire Science


Dr. Younes Mourchid

Dr. Younes Mourchid has been an Associate Professor and Director of Degrees at a Distance Fire Science program at Cogswell College since 2005. With a Fulbright Scholarship awarded by the Moroccan-American Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange, Younes earned a double Masters Degree from Southern Illinois University in Communication and Applied Linguistics. Younes then went on to the University of Southern California to earn a Ph.D. in International Development Education where he focused his graduate research on issues of higher education reform and globalization in the Arab world.

Younes’ current teaching and research interests revolve around co-relational topics in Middle Eastern Studies and Peace Education. His goal has been to create teaching and textual nuggets deriving directly from the perspective of peoples and native scholars of the Middle East. As an advocate of online distance education for adult learners, Younes continues to promote the value of higher education for Fire and Emergency Services personnel through the office of Degrees at Distance Program and through quarterly editorials in Firehouse Magazine.

What classes do you currently teach?

I teach a variety of Social Science courses focusing on International Relations and issues of Organizational Leadership and Development.

Do you have a favorite class to teach? If so, why?

I enjoy teaching the organizational Leadership course because it allows the class participants to investigate the nature of change in current US organizations and reflect on the components of creating and sustaining a “Learning Organization”.

Have you worked for non-academic companies in the past? Which ones? How did that experience make you a better teacher?

I served many corporate organizations, such as the Bank of America and the Omni Network, as a leadership coach in the area of team-building and conflict resolution. My experience as a coach allows me the flexibility to approach teaching more as a facilitator and challenge my student to reflect on their role in the class and their relationship to knowledge.

What made you decide that you wanted to teach?

When I was a little boy, I used to gather the neighborhood kids and the house pets and act like I was their teacher. I feel wholesome when I’m in the classroom engaged in the process of negotiating and imparting knowledge. The experience of seeing growth in my students brings me a great deal of joy.

What projects have you worked on in the past? What was your role in the project?

In the field of Organizational Leadership, I created a non-profit organization with like-minded colleagues to bridge the digital divide in south Los Angeles and bring about a Social and Moral agenda for High-Tech companies

What projects (personal or professional) are you currently working on?

In the field of International Studies, I’m currently working on a project in the form of a textbook to educate high school students about issues related to Islamophobia and tolerance. The book will be published my Mc. Gill University Press in 2010.

What do you think sets Cogswell apart from other schools teaching similar curriculums?

Cogswell’s focus on the fusion of Art and Engineering, its being one of the seven higher education institutions to offer the FESHE curriculum, its sponsorship relationship with the National Fire Academy are elements that makes Cogswell a unique place for students to receive an education and be prepared for the challenges of the 21st century in the Public Safety arena.

How does a degree help someone pursuing a career in Fire Science?

A degree from a regionally accredited college; a college with specialty focus on Fire Administration – Fire Prevention & Technology with FESHE ties to the National Fire Academy and various state Fire Marshall offices is a valuable currency bound to pay dividends for those who dare earn it

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