Senior Level Animation Class Project X Has a New Project and Needs Artists!

11X17_promoWith the completion of Project X’s first project, The Offering, the Senior level animation class is starting on its second project and is looking for artists! Details about the project are once again protected under Non-Disclosure Agreements but the theme can be surmised from the promotional poster.

If you are an animator, rigger, lighting artist or texture artist, pull out the best of your portfolio and submit it for review! Cogswell students who are interested should talk to Michael Huber. An impressive portfolio and deep dedication is essential to become part of the team. While the class requires a very high level of commitment, it is also one of the most rewarding classes on campus.

“Students should join Project X because it’s extremely beneficial to their futures. This particular project is going to be a very influential piece in the art world,” advises Cogswell student Josh Hodges, a Senior in the Digital Art and Animation program and a concept artist on the new project. “Project X will give you an amazing portfolio and set you apart from others when you start applying for jobs in the industry. Make sure you’re confident when you register for the class. We have a lot of fun but we’re all about work. Make sure you have enough time to invest. This project is all about commitment, but it’s absolutely worth every second you spend.”

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