Cogswell Students Host Casino Night


The Cogswell College Associated Student Body (ASB) once again hosted a successful Casino Night! This eagerly anticipated annual event kicks off the new school year and gives students the chance to see old friends and meet the new students. The theme of this year’s event was 1920’s speakeasy.

The ASB hired a professional company to set up and operate the Craps, Roulette and Blackjack tables to refresh the memories of experience players and help novices learn to play. Other tables were set out for poker where Cogswell’s President, Chet Haskell, dealt hands for most of the night.

A bar was set up with mixed juice drinks, all with names of prominent people from the 20’s era like Hemingway, Charlie Chaplin and Houdini. Ginger Cafe provided hors d’ouvers for everyone’s munching enjoyment. The Committee spent a lot of time decorating the Dragon’s Den and making sure there were spots perfect for photo opportunities.

The night concluded with a costume contest with the winners being Christian Henderson and Jessica “Psy” DeLacy. Great job ASB on another fantastic event!!

~ Rachael Reisdorf, Design Coordinator

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