Ambassador Blog by Rachel Staley, Digital Audio Technology Major

RachelStaleyHi! My name is Rachel Staley and I am an Ambassador at Cogswell College. I am a Senior this year and my degree program is Digital Audio Technology with a concentration in Audio Production. Someday I hope to do sound effects realm for film or sound composition for games.

My favorite class this semester is Style and Idea in Music. Every week I’m learning about what exactly characterizes different music genres. There are weekly composition assignments where we put our new found knowledge to the test and write in styles we might not be familiar with. My most challenging class is C Programming because it’s like learning a different language, literally.

This semester I’m looking forward to the events that aren’t even planned yet. Haha! We have a revamped ASB with a lot of fresh faces, so I’m looking forward to the new ideas for outings… maybe an ice skating night? Perhaps?

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