Game Development Club Unveils Fall Plans!


In their first meeting of Fall 2009, Game Development Club has put together plans for activities for the semester. The always popular Game Nights, Game Club’s bi-semester late night gaming extravaganzas were the first events added to the lineup. PC Game Night will take place in mid September and might coincide with an Andrew Fest. Console Game Night will take place in mid November, before the Thanksgiving break.

The Game in a Month event is back and will begin on September 10th. During Game in a Month (GIAM), small teams of club members collaborate to create a simple game, or at the very least, a proof of concept. Often times, teams of club veterans use Game in a Month events to iron out their past projects. Game in a Month also pairs seniors with freshmen, to give the freshmen help and insight.

This year the club will also start doing workshops to help those new to game development. Workshops will be lead by club officers and will be held on Fridays. The workshops include board game design, hard surface modeling, how to use Photoshop, how to use Game Maker and Construct, and low poly modeling.

With so much excitement going on, all students should join Game Development Club! See the club President, Brody Brooks, if you have questions.

~Rachael Reisdorf, Design Coordinator

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