Game Demo Night Update

More information about the Silicon Valley IGDA Game Demo Night coming September 30 hosted by Cogswell Polytechnical College. Presenters Information:

Cogswell Game Development Club
Game Development Club is the largest club on campus where students work together to create games. Students from every major participate in the club from creating graphics to making music and sound effects for each game. Club participants compete in “Game-of-the-Month” challenges in which they do just that- create a game in a month! At the end of the month, participants see who came up with the best concept and best game-play experience. When you visit campus, make sure to check out their Game Development Club room.

Based in Southern Germany, and with an office in Austin, TX, Trinigy is a privately owned company committed to selling groundbreaking game engine technology and first-class support to video game and serious game development studios across the globe. Engineered to provide more creative and technical freedom, the company’s Vision Engine is currently in use in more than 100 commercial game productions by well-known companies such as Ubisoft, Take 2, Dreamcatcher, NeoWiz, Spellbound, Nitro Games and more. The Vision Engine has proven its versatility in a multitude of game genres, including real-time strategy, racing, first-person shooters, role-playing games and massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. It is available and optimized for performance on PC (DX9, DX10), Xbox360™, PLAYSTATION®3, Nintendo Wii™, XBLA™, PSN™ and WiiWare™.

Danie Conradie
President & CEO at Trinigy, Inc.
Danie Conradie’s track record in the games industry dates back as far as 1990. He developed South Africa´s first commercial computer game, a jump ‘n’ run called Cyril Cyberpunk, won multiple gold and silver medals at national and international programming competitions, and graduated in computer science with distinction. After working as Head of Tools Development for Vulpine GmbH 3D Technologies, he co-founded Trinigy. Starting as the company´s Director of Development, Danie Conradie relocated to the US in 2007 and is now serving as President & CEO at Trinigy, Inc.

-Bonnie Phelps, Dean of Institutional Advancement

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