Fall Orientation at Cogswell

New students hanging out in the ASB Office - See slideshow below!

New students hanging out in the ASB Office - See slideshow below!

On August 20th, Cogswell welcomed 32 new students entered to the campus during. The morning started with placement tests and ended with a delicious lunch from Boston Market in the Dragon’s Den. The room was packed full of faculty, staff and returning students, all there to meet and greet the newcomers! After lunch, the new students were split into teams and sent on a scavenger hunt to help familiarize them with the campus. For each item on the list, they had to take a picture of the item with one of their teammates in the photo. Everyone had a great time running up and down the halls trying to beat the other teams.

In the afternoon students received important information about how to access the Cogswell email and student portal systems, the campus judicial system and financial aid. Afterwards, everyone was treated to a Pasta Pomodoro dinner and Laser Tag! The 38 new and returning students, family and staff that attended had a great time at LaserQuest in Mountain View.

We talked to a group of new students, Maya Sundaran (MS), Aaron Weingarten (AW), Alex Hendowski (AH), Miles Philippe (MP) and Ed Fentiman (EF) about their experience at Orientation.

What is your degree and concentration?

MS: Digital Art & Animation – 3D Animation

AW: Digital Arts Engineering

AH: Digital Art & Animation – Modeling

MP: Digital Audio Technology – Sound Works

EF: Software Engineering

What was your favorite part of Orientation?

AH: The food!

MS: Meeting new people.

AW: Laser tag!

EF: When Rob [Chaitin] went over the policies with us.

What are you most looking forward to during your experience here at Cogswell?

MS: Being in a school setting because I was home schooled.

MP: Starting classes and meeting friends.

AH: Seeing all the shirts in Maya’s huge collection.

EF: Learning and having fun!

~ Rachael Reisdorf, Design Coordinator

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