What is Game Development Club?

gameclubThe Game Development Club is a productive hangout for any students interested in a future working in the games industry. We do work and projects outside of classes to hone our skills and collect helpful resources, like tutorials, videos and books, for all students to take advantage of.

Every term, we hold two Game Nights (a PC Game Night and Console Game Night) where we invite all students to play games into the night – and one Game In A Month, where students split into teams to make a game in the time frame of one month. As an off-shoot, every week there’s a Modeling Work Group, where the modeling students can get together and help each other with 3D modeling problems.

We’re working on plans to revamp the Game Club room to make it a more comfortable and productive space. Hopefully we’ll have some progress within the next couple of terms.

- Brody Brooks, President of Game Development Club

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