2009 Grad, Michael McConnell, Uses His Skills to Reach Billions


Michael McConnell graduated from Cogswell Polytechnical College on May 9, 2009 with an inter-disciplinary degree in Multimedia Engineering and Design. He received a Bachelor of Science and was one of the valedictorians at Commencement. He currently is doing an Internship at Tertia, a San Francisco based company that uses unique technology, in partnership with the US publishing industry, to deploy enhanced English media to the 2 Billion second-language speakers of English worldwide.

Tell me a little about your responsibilities at Tertia.
Pending Production Manager. Multimedia engineer: video editing, compositing, web design, web programming, audio editing, new technology applications…

How long have you been there?
3 weeks

How do you like what you are doing so far?
It’s great. I’ve assimilated most of the technical knowledge necessary and am now trying to work around technical limitations or barriers that are slowing down production.

How did your studies at Cogswell prepare you for this opportunity?
I was able to create a custom degree plan across multiple disciplines, including video production, motion graphics, audio mastering and programming… AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT that gave me the variety of skills I need for this job. What I do is fairly specialized.

Since your degree is an interdisciplinary degree, tell me a little about how you worked with the faculty to create your course of study.
Tim Duncan worked with me intensively from before I enrolled to my last semester. I saw the newly developing demand for multimedia engineers/specialists, and sought out a program that would incorporate the necessary elements.

Why did this plan appeal to you?
I find that I am good at various things. Wanting to focus on that strength, I researched the ideal combination of skills that enhance each other, as opposed to diluting a focus. It is still a challenge, in contrast to choosing one thing and excelling the most at it. The media industry is where I want to focus my energy, in order to improve society in some form or the other.

What career path did you hope to follow with these unique skill sets?
I have been running a multimedia studio for the past four years, and will continue that enterprise. Now, I am extending my network and seeking out relationships that will lead to the formation of future teams or partnerships. It is with strong teams, that large changes are made possible. Understanding the product development cycle and business strategy performed by larger companies is a key step. Basically, I hope to follow the path of continual education.

To learn more about Cogswell’s Digital Audio Technology program, click here.

- Bonnie Phelps, Dean of Institutional Advancement

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